Ingenieurgesellschaft für Automation, Elektrotechnik, Maschinentechnik & Energiemanagement


Todays industry, characterized by high automation and specialization, demands an extremely high level of specialist knowledge from its service providers, especially in the knowledge of processes.
Make use of our experience in the planning, project work and startup operations of production plants world-wide, using technical processes and procedures.
With Anno-Plan you are always on the right side, because our specialist competence and methodology all comes from the same source.

You specify your objective; we develop the solution for you.

As an Engineering Partner independent of manufacturers or suppliers, we ascertain the optimal solution from the technical and scientific point of view, against the background of our experience and knowledge of the market.
We draw up assessments of compliance and SIL (safety integrity level) calculations, according to IEC61508 and 61511, for processes which may constitute a danger for people and the environment. Thereby we make provisions with you for people, the environment and technical facilities.


The living philosophy of our company shows itself on the one hand in high quality planning performance, and on the other through our professional support service during the implementation phases. Thereby we ensure that we can fulfill the objectives of our customers, with regard to costs, deadlines and quality.
In the projects so far realized, we have been able to prove the value of our experience and look forward to every new challenge.


Our range of services in the area of automation :

- Programming and project development of PLS (process control system) systems from    

  various manufacturers         

- Programming and project development of SPS (programmable logic controller) and   

  S(safety)SPS systems from various manufacturers

- Creation of automation concepts                                                                                - Creation of operating and observation concepts 

- PLT (process control engineering) employment plans, instrument/equipment           


- Measuring, control and regulation technology 

- Drawing up specifications for requirements and functions  

- Creation of logic diagrams                                                                                       - Functional safety                                                                                                         - SIL (safety integrity level) calculations                                                                          - PAAG/HAZOP (hazard and operability study) analyses                                                - Project management