Ingenieurgesellschaft für Automation, Elektrotechnik, Maschinentechnik & Energiemanagement


Electrical Engineering and Building Technology


In electrical engineering we conduct our planning with CAE systems, such as eplan, ecscad, as well as ACAD and Microstation.

At the request of customers we make designs and calculations for medium and low voltage installations. Alongside the project development of terminals, cables and circuit diagrams, we calculate drives/motors with frequency convertors and interpret these according to the latest energy efficiency stipulations. 



We create and work on concepts from planning up to the mature project and take over the project management and implementation for you.


By combining our competence in energy management, automation and electrical engineering, we are in a position to deliver complex services in new, converted, or modernization projects. Thereby we are able, beyond planning the switching stations, to include the required measurement, control, regulation and safety technologies.


Our planning services for electrical engineering and building technology are:


   -      medium voltage installations

          networks, switching stations, transformers, 

          switchgear guidance systems, protective technology

   -      autonomous electricity supply installations
          central battery power-plants, battery control plants for MS

          switching stations, UPS (uninterrupted power supply)

   -      low voltage power-plants
          main distribution boards, high voltage power-plants,   

          compensation and metering installations

   -      low voltage installation systems
          networks ( IT,TT,TN-C,TN-S), installation bus systems, ex-        


   -      illumination
          lighting installations in production areas (ex/non-

          ex), safety and emergency lighting

          hall illumination

   -      lightning protection and earthing installations 


Our attitude is our driving motivation; we plan for you with passion and expert knowledge.