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Energy management according to EN ISO 50001

The ISO 50001 is an internationally valid norm for putting systematic energy management into practice.

The introduction of an energy management system has until now been voluntary. In Germany, however, certification according to EN ISO 50001 has become a pre-condition for partial exemption from the EEG reallocation charge (to support renewables) for energy-intensive companies.

Companies which would like to systematically reduce energy consumption and costs in the long term, profit from the introduction of an energy management system.

The foundation of every kind of systematic energy management is based on measurement. The recording of all energy flows in a company, from facilities, systems, equipment, activities or processes can only then be really analyzed, evaluated and consequently optimized.

We from Anno-Plan supply the necessary equipment and know-how for such measurement and evaluation, as well as for the following process optimization. Equally, we support you with advice on implementation when introducing certified systems.



The ISO 50001 can be interconnected with other management systems, above all in the areas of quality and environmental management. Thus the ISO 50001 is also based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle (PDCA). By combining management systems, a company has the possibility of adapting its existing management system to the objective of implementing an EMS in compliance with the ISO 50001. The ISO 50001 can be introduced as an alternative to the DIN EN 16247 norm. 

We help you through making decisions and support you when putting them into practice.