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Energy management

The problems of climate change can be felt worldwide and the rapidly rising costs for energy carriers have moved the topic of energy management into the central focus of environmental discussions.

In order to achieve the objective of sustainable energy supply, energy politics in the 21st century require extensive changes.
Energy conversion and applications represent the most sensible means of reducing climate and resources problems. 

In order to decrease energy consumption in industry and commerce, and thereby the costs incurred, the first thing that needs to be done is a comprehensive analysis of the energy supply and its use.


Only someone who knows when, where and how much energy is needed can intelligently make full use of potential energy savings.
Anno-Plan offers you everything you need for the successive increase in your energy efficiency, independent of manufacturer or supplier. 

Anno-Plan is certified as an Expert in Energie Efficency by:

BAFA    (Federal Bureau of Economics an Export Control)

bmwfw (Federal Bureau of Science, Research and Economics, Austria)

dena     (German Energy Agency)