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Energy audit according to EN ISO 16247 

The European norm EN 16247 specifies the requirement for an energy audit at international level, which enables a company to improve its energy efficiency and reduce its energy consumption.


The most important elements of such an audit consist of the following:


- Opening meeting: common establishment of aims, areas of application and limits,    

  measurements to be carried out, possible financial assistance, results and subsidies

- Data collection: recording energy consumers, processes, influential factors, data and 


- Outdoor assignments: inspection visits with the objective of examining the buildings 

  in relation to energy use, understanding the workflow processes, data recording, 

  identifying weak points and potential improvements   

- Analysis: presenting the initial energy situation, energy balance, key performance 

  indicators, determining and quantifying energy saving measures        

- Report & Presentation: drawing up an audit report, description of the initial situation, 

   representation of the measurements, concrete plan of measures to improve energy      

   efficiency, writing a report.

 We from Anno-Plan support you with our experts when putting into practice the legal requirements, as well as the requirements from the European norm EN ISO 16247 in your company.

 By means of an energy audit you receive the crucial information about the energy status of your company. 

 You are given an overview of the current condition of the existing energy flows of the company, whereby you can identify your substantial consumers and point them towards potential energy savings which can be put into practice. In this way you can improve the efficiency of processes, technology and organization.

If you have any questions about an energy audit, or would like an individual quotation/estimate, please do not hesitate to contact us.